Teaching Professor Conference 2018

Reflecting on Repetition for Student Success in Teaching and Learning

by Deborah Keene, Blount Scholars Program Thanks to Dean Olin, and the College of Arts and Sciences, I was able to attend the Teaching Professor Conference for the first time. There were a wide variety of sessions, but I found myself drawn to the sessions about metacognition: How to Develop Self-Directed Learners, Maria Flores-Harris Classroom

Reflections on the Teaching Professor Conference

by Bryce Speed, Department of Art and Art History As an art professor, I find that most of my teaching experiences involve active and experiential learning, mainly due to the hands-on nature of making and critiquing art. Simply through the sheer nature of creative practices students are experiencing and solving problems unique to their conceptual

A New Twist on the Multiple Choice Quiz

by James Mixson, Department of History Ah, the multiple-choice quiz. An old stand-by for some instructors who love them not least because it can make grading so easy. For others, especially those in more narrative-intense disciplines like mine (history), they are problematic: names and dates and other “data” are only the beginning. What matters is