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Distinguished Teaching Fellows 2022-2025

Clark Hall

The College of Arts and Sciences recently selected the 2022-2025 cohort of Distinguished Teaching Fellows. Kaleb Heinrich Kaleb Heinrich is an assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences. His areas of research include biology education, active learning, and outreach in STEM, biology graduate student professional development, and freshwater ecology. At UA, he teaches Principles of Biology I and II, Biology Outreach, General Ecology Lab, and Pedagogy in the Biological Sciences. Teaching Philosophy Typical science courses emphasize memorizing facts when […]

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Distinguished Teaching Fellows 2021–2024

Clark Hall

Natalie Adams Distinguished Teaching Fellow Natalie Guice Adams is a professor in New College with a joint appointment in Social and Cultural Studies in Education in the College of Education. Her research focuses on the intersection of extracurricular activities in school, gender, race, and sexual identity, and popular culture. Dr. Adams formerly served as the Director of New College and the Assistant Director of UA’s Graduate School. She is serving her second term as the Chair of the Board of […]

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Distinguished Teaching Fellows 2020-2023

Clark Hall

Barbara Brickman Distinguished Teaching Fellow Barbara Jane Brickman is an Associate Professor of Media and Gender Studies in New College and the Department of Gender and Race Studies. Her areas of research include American Popular Culture, Youth Culture, Girls’ Studies, LGBTQ Studies, and Feminist Film Theory. She is also the founder and director of the Druid City Girls Media Program for girls in the Tuscaloosa area. Reflective of her research and community work, Dr. Brickman’s teaching focuses on cultural analysis […]

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Distinguished Teaching Fellows 2019-2022

Lawrence M. Jackson Distinguished Teaching Fellow, 2019-2022 Lawrence M. Jackson is the Associate Chair & Associate Professor of Dance at the University of Alabama where he teaches Jazz, Contemporary, Choreography, and Dance History. His scholarly interests are centered on/around the sociology of dance and in the relationship in which dance can develop with other disciplines. He is particularly interested in the sociological ramifications placed on the dance community in regard to global race relations. Teaching Philosophy My pedagogical approaches are […]

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Distinguished Teaching Fellows 2018-2021

Michael Altman Distinguished Teaching with Technology Fellow, 2018-2021 Michael J. Altman is an assistant professor in the Department of Religious Studies. His areas of research are American religious history, colonialism, theory and method in the study of religion, and Asian religions in American culture. Trained in the field of American religious cultures, he is interested in the ways religion is constructed through difference, conflict, and contact. Along with his research, Dr. Altman teaches a range of classes in the department […]

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Distinguished Teaching Fellows 2017-2020

Carol Duffy Distinguished Teaching Fellow, 2017-2020 Carol Duffy is an associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences. She is a virologist whose research focuses on elucidating the molecular biology of herpesvirus replication as well as understanding the roles herpesviruses play in chronic illnesses. Duffy teaches courses in virology and molecular biology where she shares her passion for the intricate cellular mechanisms that underlie health and disease. Teaching Philosophy I believe the first order of business in the classroom is […]

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