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A quilted sign saying "you belong here."
December 13, 2023 Faculty Blog

Student Belonging in the Classroom (a workshop update)

by Nathan Loewen Since fall 2022, Lisa Dorr and I have hosted lunch-time faculty discussions focused on the topic of promoting “student belonging.” What’s that? I admit the term itself

Young adults participating in a discussion.
October 3, 2023 Faculty Blog

Open Discussion & Classroom Participation: Fostering Academic Belonging

By Matthew LaFevor, Geography. One of the ways I like to begin my classes is by asking students a very broad question: What’s going on in the world today?   

Black and white image of "100."
September 14, 2023 Faculty Blog

How might students develop academic identities? Undergraduate Research in 100-Level Courses

By Nathan Loewen, Department of Religious Studies. The challenge Decisions to attend the University of Alabama are based numerous reasons. A perusal of the University’s homepage suggests some of those