Service-Learning in Medical Anthropology

Dr. Jo Weaver's anthropology students

by Lesley Jo Weaver, Department of Anthropology In the academy, we often bemoan the fragility of millennial college students — this generation whose protective parents insulate them from the risk of failure (for instance, see this 2012 Chronicle of Higher Education article). How, such discourses often ask, do we snap students out of their protective bubbles? […]

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Apps Offer Intro to Digital Mapping

screenshot from the software Theolodite

by Elliot Blair, Department of Anthropology Teaching Professor Technology Conference, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. A quick glance at the program showed that at least half of the sessions were oriented towards online classes (not something I currently teach), while the remainder were largely dedicated toward utilizing Web 2.0 interfaces (e.g., social media sites, […]

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