muddiest point

This Professor Likes CATs (classroom assessment techniques)

by Nathan Loewen, Department of Religious Studies I am going to write about measuring teaching effectiveness. There is a lot of buzz about metrics in higher education media, but not until the mind-meld app is released for iOS will teachers know what their students are thinking. One of the challenges of teaching a large-enrollment course is to

Pros and Cons of Teaching with Twitter

by Jessica Porter, Office of Educational Technology (eTech) Twitter is a good tool for promoting student participation, but like any social platform, it has its benefits and limitations. This post aims to help you decide whether Twitter is the right social technology for your course. Pros Asynchronous: Twitter allows students to interact with the learning community whenever

Tegrity and the Muddiest Point

The “muddiest point” is an assessment technique used to gauge student understanding of material presented in class or in assigned readings. Ann Carlson of Western Washington University’s Teaching and Learning Center has a great explanation of how this technique can be used. At the end of class, ask your students to write down on a piece of paper