Digital Tools for Formative Assessment

Poll results for the question "Who is your least favorite super villain?" Venom is the clear winner, followed by the Joker, Cat Woman, and Magneto.

by Jessica Porter, Office of Educational Technology (eTech) I recently asked my students to participate in a short writing workshop. They were preparing to write argumentative research papers, and I wanted them to focus on their thesis statements and really refine their arguments. In the past, I would have had everyone share their thesis with […]

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Hands-On Learning in Large Psychology Course

Instructor: Ansley Gilpin Course: Developmental Psychology (PY 352) Audience: Undergraduates Developmental Psychology is a large, 225-student course for upperclassmen. Some of the students are psychology majors, and others are fulfilling a requirement or an elective for another major (e.g., nursing and education). The course uses active and collaborative learning to help students understand and apply the key […]

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Think-Pair-Share with Clickers

robot in a puddle

by Patrick Frantom, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Collaborative learning is usually interpreted as ed-speak for working in small groups outside of class to accomplish a project of some significance. These types of exercises require that instructors assign groups, determine how to grade the group if members contribute unevenly, and commit significant time to a […]

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