Online Course Designations

The College of Arts and Sciences develops and supports online courses with the following campus codes. For a course to be offered to distance learning students, there must be an OL section in CourseLeaf.

Please note that A&S does not administer Main Campus Internet (MA-IN) courses. If an online course is incorrectly labeled as MA-IN, it will not be supported by the College of Continuing Studies or made available to distance learning students.

Code and Approved Use Instructional Method Section Number Description
OL (Online – DL/Gadsden Students) Internet 900-939 Online course restricted to only Distance Learning students
OLM (Online – Main Campus Students) Internet 900-939 Online course restricted to only Main Campus students
GO (GoArmyEd Students) Internet 990-995 Online course restricted to GoArmyEd military students
EC (Early College Students) Internet 600-619 Online course restricted to Early College high school students


  • Courseleaf tutorial: Learn how to create and schedule courses in CLSS.
  • Class schedule coding definitions: Learn section codes and scheduling types for all courses at UA.