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Blount Scholars Program Accepting Proposals to Teach in 2020-2021

The Blount Scholars Program is accepting proposals to teach in Blount in the 2020-2021 academic year.

Blount offers faculty members the opportunity to teach in classes that offer

  • Small classes: 15 for first-year Foundations survey, 12 for seminars
  • Excellent Students: No brag, just fact—ask anyone who’s taught in the program. They’re a pleasure to teach and the kind of students you want to recruit for your department’s major.
  • Cash: $4000/course to you for an overload (may be taken as supplemental salary or research funds); PTI sum to your department for in-load teaching (must be cleared with your chair)

Documents of Interest

Interested faculty should go to blount.as.ua.edu/teaching-proposals and provide the information solicited.