Piloting ePortfolios in the First-Year Writing Program

by Jessica Fordham Kidd, Department of English On February 22, 2019, Natalie Loper, Brooke Champagne, and I participated in the Faculty Technology Showcase with a presentation on the First-Year Writing Program’s (FWP) ePortfolio Pilot program, which is in its second semester. This ePortfolio initiative was inspired by Dr. Kathleen Blake Yancey’s visit to UA in

Student ePortfolios in Spanish Conversation (SP 353)

by Connie Janiga-Perkins and Chris Coleman Spanish Conversation (SP 353) is a course that asks students to manage a broad spectrum of content, build vocabulary, work on pronunciation and fluency, and open themselves to cross-cultural communication, understanding, and self-growth. In short, Spanish Conversation is at once a collective and a very individual experience. Students find themselves learning

Some Workshops on ePortfolios Showed Me What I Missed in my Course Design Process

by Nathan Loewen, Department of Religious Studies “An ePortfolio is not an ePortfolio is not an ePortfolio” is what Kathleen Yancey told us at a portfolio workshop hosted by UA’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness. Dr. Yancey said this shortly after asking everyone in the room to adopt a student’s perspective in evaluating example scenarios for ePortfolios.