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Talking About Gender? These Filmed Experiments Can Help

by Alex Ates, Department of Theatre and Dance Gender topics are not just for the humanities. Interpreting gender is pivotal to deconstructing norms and methods in the sciences too. Could a new tool from the Verbatim Performance Lab at help you crack open conversations about gender in your classrooms? For example, The Serena Williams Project

Insights From Around the Nation—in Alabama’s Teaching Theatre Course

by Alex Ates, Department of Theatre and Dance As I exasperatingly jogged between terminals to catch the connecting flight from Boston, Massachusetts to Birmingham, Alabama, I couldn’t help but reel with delight by how wildly this semester was functioning. One day, I would be working with undergraduates in Boston, the next, in Tuscaloosa. As flexible

Dance and the Camera (DNCA 420)

by Rebecca Salzer, Department of Theatre and Dance Dance has been a favorite subject of film since its invention. Thomas Edison, the Lumière Brothers, and George Méliès all used dance in their early film experiments. It was the perfect material for these early films; entertaining, beautiful, and also exemplary of the full potential of the