Graduate teaching assistants play an important role in the University of Alabama teaching community. The information and resources on this page are designed to help you prepare for your responsibilities — from the first day of class to final grade submission.

Preparing for the First Day

Woods Quad


Although the format is up to you, your syllabus must contain the basic information and policies outlined on our Syllabus Requirements page.

You might consider adding other resources and information too, like strategies for success in your class, a statement about the learning environment (i.e., how you hope students will interact), contact info for writing and tutoring centers on campus, guidelines for papers and reports, and any other policies relevant to your course (e.g., technology usage, participation).

Online Syllabus Management (OSM)

All syllabi should be posted to the OSM before registration begins each term (your department should send a reminder each semester). You can find the OSM through the OIRA Resources channel on myBama (Faculty tab) or by visiting

Class Rosters

Find printable class rosters through the myBama Faculty tab. In the Banner Self Service window, select Faculty & Advisors and choose a roster type:

  • Summary Class List includes the names of your students.
  • Photo Class List includes the names and photos of your students.
  • Detail Class List includes students’ names and majors.

You can also find rosters through the Faculty Dashboard.


Once you are officially assigned to a course, the University Supply Store will email you an online form to select the textbooks and other materials for your course. Include all the materials students must purchase, plus any free or open access materials (OER) you plan to use.

ODS Accommodations

The Office of Disability Services provides academic accommodations to students with documented disabilities. This website describes the services available to students, as well as your role in the accommodations process.

Teaching Methods


Additional Resources