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Updated Undergraduate Catalog

The University recently updated the Undergraduate Catalog, making it more robust, intuitive, and mobile-friendly. The first thing you’ll notice is that the homepage is now located at catalog.ua.edu instead of courseleaf.ua.edu. Other notable changes include

  • a search box on the homepage
  • landing pages for each college and department
  • a login option, which allows students to see which courses they’ve taken or planned to take in the DegreeWorks planner

Note: The new software combines hours within A&S majors that have ancillary requirements; in short, the number of hours for ancillary requirements are added to the major requirements in the Catalog, thus inflating the total number of hours in the major requirements section. Though the Catalog combines these hour totals, please note that DegreeWorks will continue to report requirements as it has done in the past (i.e., ancillary hours as separate from hours in the major).