Post Fall 2017 Syllabi to OSM

Syllabi for all Fall 2017 courses should be posted to the OIRA system. If you are a new faculty member or have not yet posted your syllabi, it is important that you do so immediately.

You can access the Online Syllabus Management (OSM) application from the ‘OIRA Resources’ channel on your Faculty tab in myBama (top of the page on the right side.) For more information about the OSM application and how to link OSM syllabi to Blackboard Learn, go to, select Online Syllabus Management at the bottom of the screen, go to Manage – create and edit syllabi, and select Instructions at the top of the page.

The Provost’s Office has requested that syllabi for future semesters be posted prior to registration season. This means that syllabi for Spring 2018 should be posted to the OIRA system by October 27th. Keep in mind that these do not have to be the final syllabi that you give the students when the semester begins. They just need to be a general outline of what will be covered during the semester.

For information or assistance, contact OIRA at or (205) 348-7200.