Teaching Hub

Join the Teaching Hub Advisory Board!

Teaching HubThe College of Arts and Sciences hosts The Teaching Hub to provide resources, ideas and best practices on a wealth of topics related to teaching. While Nathan Loewen and Jessica Porter keep the site updated, they are assisted by an Advisory Board composed of two faculty members from each A&S division serving for a three-year term. Members can be either tenured/tenure-track or NTRC faculty.

Several of the original members of the Advisory Board have rotated off, and the College is seeking applications for new members. We are seeking one member from the Social Sciences, one member from the Humanities and Fine Arts, and two members in the Natural Sciences and Math.

The Advisory Board will meet approximately twice per semester and will assist in organizing events and content related to teaching. To reward and support their contributions, the College will pay for board members to attend one pedagogy-related conference in either year two or three of their term on the Board.

If you are interested in being a member of this group, please send Lisa Dorr (Lisa.Dorr@ua.edu) an email with a short statement briefly describing your teaching philosophy and your own pedagogical development by Friday, March 1.

You may also contact Lisa or Nathan (nrloewen@ua.edu) if you have questions.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!