New to The University of Alabama? Below you’ll find information and resources to help you get started teaching at UA.

ACT Card

As the official University photo ID, your Action Card serves multiple purposes: access to campus facilities, University Libraries (to check out books), and NCAA athletic events, to name a few. New faculty and staff typically receive information about Action Cards during their orientation process. For more information, visit or call (205) 348-2288.


myBama is the online portal for UA faculty, staff, and students. It provides access to email, course information, campus news, and other resources. For help with myBama, contact the IT Service Desk at (205) 348-5555 or


UA offers many technology resources to faculty and staff. For a list of all technology resources on campus, see eTech’s Technology Overview. For more specific information about software, email, DUO, or wifi connectivity, see the Office of Information Technology faculty and staff pages.

OIT also offers information about Blackboard, our course management system, and other instructional technologies.


Once you are officially assigned to a course, the University Supply Store will email you an online form to select the textbooks and other materials for your course. Include all the materials students must purchase, plus any free or open access materials (OER). Visit the Supe Store’s Faculty page for more information.

Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs)

Office of Disability Services (ODS)

The Office of Disability Services provides academic accommodations to students with documented disabilities. This website describes the services available to students, as well as your role in the accommodations process.

Room Scheduling

Classroom scheduling is performed by the Office of the University Registrar. If the classroom you are assigned to is unsuitable, contact [contact person/place]. [any additional information]

Student Opinions of Instruction (SOIs)

Study Week (Dead Week)

The week immediately before final exams is reserved for completing coursework and preparing for final exams. Only lab exams that are omitted from the regular final exam schedule are permitted during this week. The University prohibits all other exams and major assignments during this time. See the Faculty Handbook for more details.


Student Support

  • Interacting with Distressed Students
  • UAct: Reporting Concerns about Respect and Civility

Campus Policies and Information