Who are You Going to Call? Emergencies, Tech Support, Well-Being, UAct…

Knowing whom to call for help or where to go for assistance can make the difference in a good teaching day. Sometimes little things like no sound in a classroom can throw off a good start. But there are more substantive issues, too, such as knowing how and where to direct a student in need. While it may be efficient to rely on informal departmental knowledge for the little things (does your department have a “go-to person” for settling into teaching?), the substantive issues require precision.

There are several people on campus who may provide useful information for teaching. A good start is to create a list based on the materials provided during the various training sessions and orientations.

Here is an example list that to get started:

Technology Support

Before class

During class

After class

  • If it is an issue with classroom technologies, filing a ticket with avsolutions@ua.edu means your problem will be resolved across campus!
  • If you call the Faculty Resource Center, a human will answer the phone. A good conversation will happen where you can talk through the technology issue. More often than not, a solution will appear!

Classroom Emergencies: University of Alabama Police

Here are numbers to memorize. Campus police know our campus and its various locations. They can best direct first responders to your location.

  • From your cell phone: (205) 348-5454
  • From a UA-provided telephone: 8-5454

Remember, the UAPD jurisdiction is larger than you think. Become familiar with the extent of our campus.

Student Care & Well-Being

If you are presented with a student in crisis, contact the Office of Student Care & Well-Being. You might consider visiting the office in Ferguson Center Room 230, calling (205) 348-2461, or emailing bamacares@ua.edu. The Dean of Students Office offers a range of services that coordinates assistance for students who are facing hardships or traumas that interfere with their academic success.

UAct: Creating an Ethical Campus Community

The UAct website provides a list of reporting channels that can be used to report incidences of illegal discrimination, harassment, sexual assault, sexual violence, retaliation, threat assessment or fraud. As an employee of UA, become familiar with your status as a mandatory reporter.

Title IX

The University’s Title IX Office oversees how our University fulfills Federal Laws to foster a campus community free of gender discrimination and sexual misconduct. The office may be contacted by calling (205) 348-5496 or by visiting their office at 107 Burke Hall West.

The Title IX website is supplemented by the Sexual Assault and Misconduct Services and Support page, which compiles the primary resources and support services our campus offers related to sexual assault and misconduct. These resources and services are available to any member of our campus community.

This resource is part of the College of Arts and Sciences Instructional Supplement. For more information, contact Nathan Loewen at nrloewen@ua.edu.