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Visited the A&S Academic Integrity Website Lately?

Academic Integrity website homepage

by Karen Hollingsworth Gardiner, College of Arts and Sciences

Did you know that the College of Arts and Sciences has an Academic Integrity Initiatives website?

Did you know that it is teeming with helpful information and links on a variety of Academic Integrity issues for both faculty and students?

If you haven’t visited academicintegrity.as.ua.edu, then you need to check it out. You may find exactly the information you or your students need related to academic integrity issues.

Here’s a quick guide to what’s there, organized under these handy tabs:


Information about A&S Academic Integrity Initiatives

UA Policies

Handy links to the UA Honor Code and Academic Misconduct Disciplinary Policies, to the Capstone Creed, and to the Student Handbook

For Students

Send your students here for help in these areas:

  • Information about the A&S Academic Honor Council
  • The Online Registration Form and Information about FREE hands-on academic integrity workshops (which cover the importance of academic integrity, along with a refresher on basic source-based writing skills like how to summarize, how to paraphrase, how to avoid patchwriting, how to quote, and how to cite and document sources). These workshops are offered several times during fall & spring semesters, and any UA student is welcome to register and attend.
  • Student Resources, including UA resources, Resources from other universities, Strategies for Avoiding Plagiarism, and Citation Guides (featuring links to help with APA, MLA, CMS, CSE, IEEE, ASA, GSA, Bluebook, and others)

For Faculty

Visit here to find

  • Sample Assignments
  • Sample Syllabus Language
  • Statistics on Cheating
  • Tips on Assignment Writing
  • and an extensive collection of Faculty Resources

Under the Faculty Resources option on the pop-down menu, you’ll find links to up-to-date (as well as seminal) help with academic integrity issues on these topics:

  • UA Resources (like The Teaching Hub, the library’s RollTideResearch, and the Center for Academic Success)
  • Study Skills Resources for your students
  • Resources on Academic Integrity, in general
  • Good Books on Academic Integrity
  • Best Practices
  • Resources on Plagiarism
  • Resources from Plagiarism.Org
  • Plagiarism-aware Lesson Plan Ideas
  • Resources on Contract Cheating (an emerging field in Academic Integrity that includes things like ghostwriting and essay mills)
  • Resources related to Cheating on Tests
  • Resources for Teaching Online Courses
  • Resources for Teaching Computer Coding
  • Resources for Teaching International Students
  • Lesson Plan Ideas for Multilingual Writers

The website is updated regularly so that the information is fresh and timely. You’ll find it a useful hub for help with many of your potential academic integrity questions or concerns. Please check it out. And use the handy Contact tab to share questions or other resources in your field that you think should be included on the site.

Dr. Karen Hollingsworth Gardiner is a professor in the Department of English and the Coordinator of Academic Integrity Initiatives for the College of Arts and Sciences.