Searching for ways to manage email and announcements in your large course? Here are some tips handling communication with students in and outside of the classroom.

Have GTAs Field Emails

To help manage email in the large course, Natalie Dautovich recommends assigning a senior graduate student to be the head TA and help triage emails from students.

Clarity is Key

Holly Grout communicates with the students in her big surveys in four key ways:

  • In class: I arrive early and engage students in conversation. I clearly announce assignments, upcoming due dates, and other housekeeping business at the beginning of each class.
  • Blackboard: I post all lecture outlines, exam review materials, and announcements or reminders on Blackboard.
  • Email: I use email sparingly with the entire class, but I regularly engage individual students this way.
  • “Student Guide to HY 102”: This guide is a brief (6-8 page) handout that I post on Blackboard and include in the required course reading packet. It includes all sorts of information from basic who does what in this course, where students can find materials and campus resources, to how to take notes, prepare for an essay exam, and analyze a primary source.