by Holly Grout, Department of History

Streamline, and don’t try to do everything. Stay organized, and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t let the class see it. Adapt your teaching style and assignment the best that you can to accommodate the climate of the class. For example, I now weight the three exams I give at graduated point values because, the first time I taught the survey, a shocking number of students performed poorly.

Be flexible. Take notes each week on what worked and what did not, as well as on the procedures and questions you may not have known about (e.g., ODS procedure, where students need to go to purchase exam books, etc.) so you can add that information to the syllabus next time.

Be confident, not cocky. You know more than they do, but they want to know that you are a real person. Have fun! Teaching what we love is why we do this after all, isn’t it?