Don’t Miss These Great Courses!

In case you missed them, the Hoole pedagogy series and Studying Religion in Culture recently featured courses by Jessica Kidd and Russell McCutcheon.

Kidd’s senior-level creative writing course “Writer in a Wide World” explored what motivates writers to expand and alter their writing practices. Students visited the Sarah Moody art gallery and scientific collections, and they looked to science, popular culture, and enthopoetics to inspire their own writing.

The series includes some of her students’ work: “Chahta-Ima (Like a Choctaw),” “The Confederacy’s First Lady,” and “Mosquito.”

In “Paging Mr. George Kaplan,” McCutcheon offers an interesting take on using materials that have nothing to do with class but lead students to think critically about course topics. His REL 245 class recently viewed a film that was unrelated to religion but helped students understand the various entities, individual and collective, that inform choices about religion.

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