Service-Learning in Medical Anthropology

by Lesley Jo Weaver, Department of Anthropology In the academy, we often bemoan the fragility of millennial college students — this generation whose protective parents insulate them from the risk of failure (for instance, see this 2012 Chronicle of Higher Education article). How, such discourses often ask, do we snap students out of their protective bubbles? […]

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Students Create a Cathedral on the Quad

by Jennifer Feltman, Department of Art & Art History Last week, students from my Late Medieval and Gothic Cathedrals courses worked together to layout the plan of a cathedral on the Quad using only simple tools: wooden stakes, mallets, string, and a straight edge. After about 3 hours work, they had the outlines of a […]

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“Bebop to Hip Hop: Young America and Music,” Sharony Green

Instructor: Sharony Green Course: Bebop to Hip Hop: Young America and Music (HY 300) Audience: Undergraduates “Bebop to Hip Hop” is a 300-level course that explores social developments, like the beatnik, Civil Rights, and counterculture periods, through the lens of postwar music. The course includes active and collaborative components and a new creative mixtape project, […]

Read More for Peer Review of Digital Video Projects

by Nathan Dains, Telecommunication & Film, C&IS is a web-based platform that features integration with leading video editing software. Benefits of using include fast, simple hosting of media to be used in projects, and the ability to upload versions of projects for comparison and commentary from “collaborators,” in this case, the instructor and […]

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